Sa 30. Dezember 2017 Archiv


Poppen Kannste Woanders!
Sa 30 Dez 2017 Archiv

Werke für Stimmen, Instrumenten, Spieler, Elektronik.

Paul Frick UA | Juliana Hodkinson UA | Mathias Monrad Møller UA | John Zorn | Alexander Schubert



PHØNIX16 is a solo ensemble for contemporary and experimental vocal music doing works for 1-16 voices. The ensemble’s primary goal is the exploration of experimental new vocal chamber music, via close collaboration with composers and by using exacting sonic fusion and research to generate a homogeneous and flexible sound. PHØNIX16 combines voices in rather unusual ways; allocations and ensemble size vary from solo up to a large 16-part full vocal ensemble.

PHØNIX16’s repertoire includes a range of contemporary works for voices a cappella, and voices and electronics, fixed media, instruments, video/film, obstructions, objects, and/or machines.

Our artistic director is Timo Kreuser.

Ensemble members are soloists in their own right, whether in opera, oratorio, or other experimental or contemporary musical settings. In addition to PHØNIX16 concerts, recordings, and appearances in Germany and worldwide, members also appear with other ensembles such as Figura Ensembleensemble mosaikkwartludiumPoingZafraan Ensemble, S.A.F.T., and Houligé Hobster and the Amazing Fire Ants. 

Each year the ensemble collaborates particularly closely with one composer or artist in residence. The current Composer in Residence is Turgut Erçetin. Past Composers/Artists in Residence and Guest Composers include Guillaume CailleauDariusz PrzybylskiNana Forte, and Ruth Wiesenfeld.

The ensemble was nominated in 2015 for a FRYDERYK award in Poland for Album of the Year for choral music, oratorio and opera by the Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry, for the double CD PASSIO, with music written for the ensemble by Dariusz Przybylski.