Mi 23. April 19:30 Einlass 19:00

Catch Your Breath

Until I Wake & Of Virtue The SAVAGES Tour 2025
Mi 23 Apr 19:30 Einlass 19:00
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Catch Your Breath is a fresh, burgeoning Hard Rock act based out of Austin, Texas. This eclectic 4 piece injects a unique mix of synth soundscaping elements, imaginative production, and refined songwriting creating an intense amount of emotion, while still keeping it heavy and unique. With the success of their debut album “Shame On Me”, seeing multiple singles added to active rotation at Sirius XM Octane radio, paired with very solid touring history over the last year supporting some of the bigger artists in the U.S., Catch Your Breath have begun making their imprint on the music scene, and show no signs of slowing down.