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European Tour 2024
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Folk-rock phenomenon Gåte has etched its name in the annals of modern Norwegian music history, captivating audiences with their unparalleled fusion of traditional melodies, captivating lyrics and electrifying rock energy. 


Emerging from Trondheim, the band swiftly ascended to national acclaim in the early 2000s, earning a cherished status as a national cultural gem.


Gåtes journey from the humble beginnings in the rehearsal room to commanding big stages across the country, was nothing short of extraordinary. With over 600 mesmerizing performances throughout Scandinavia and the release of five critically acclaimed albums, including their debut sensation ‚Jygri,‘ adorned with the prestigious Norwegian „Spellemann“ award for „Newcomer of the Year,“ Gåte solidified their legacy as trailblazers in the genre.


After a hiatus that left fans eagerly anticipating their return, Gåte reunited in 2017, and reignited a spark among their audience with the release of their first single in over a decade. The subsequent album, ‚Svevn,‘ excited both fans and received praise from Norwegian critics.


Gåte is led by the dynamic vocals of Gunnhild Sundli, the masterful guitar work of Magnus Børmark, and the rhythmic prowess of Jon Even Schärer on drums, along with the talents of bassist Mats Paulsen and key harpist John Stenersen. The band continues to redefine the boundaries of folk-rock with each performance.


In 2023, Gåte embarked on a triumphant tour of Norway, captivating sold-out audiences and earning reviews that reaffirmed their status as legends in the making. As Norway Rock Magazine aptly exclaimed, „It’s great to see that Norwegian rock history is still both alive and still delivering.“


In early 2024, Gåte announced their participation in the Norwegian Eurovision (Melodi Grand Prix) with the spellbinding anthem „Ulveham“. The lyrics, sung in Norwegian, tells a haunting and mysterious tale of a young girl’s journey through life and the choices she must make. The song evokes questions around identity, fate, and sacrifice. “Ulveham” swiftly captivated the hearts of the Norwegian Eurovision audience and garnered international acclaim among Eurovision enthusiasts.


In a climactic finale that captured the essence of their enchanting artistry, Gåte triumphed as the Norwegian people crowned Gåte as their Eurovision representative. With boundless anticipation, the band now prepares to showcase their talent on the international stage at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö this May, carrying the spirit of Norway with them as they continue to captivate audiences worldwide.


Norwegian reviews of the song „Ulveham“: