Mo 25. November 20:00 Einlass 19:00

Jessica Pratt

& Band
Mo 25 Nov 20:00 Einlass 19:00
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First Berlin show with full band!

From the opening seconds of “Life Is,” it’s clear that „Here in the
Pitch“ is a very different kind of album from Jessica Pratt. The revered
Los Angeles artist has become one of the most singular and distinctive
songwriters of her generation, largely through the bewitching sound of
her acoustic guitar and vocals: a mystical, elusive blend that conjures
deep emotional responses from her devoted (and patient) audience. To
introduce her first release in half-a-decade, however, she greets us
with neither her breathtaking vocals nor the delicate, sophisticated
strum of her guitar. Instead, Pratt’s fourth album begins with a
percussion roll that nods instantly to the grand, orchestral style of
’60s pop hits.

Five years after her breakthrough album, 2019’s Quiet Signs—which marked
her first time working in a studio after years of home-recording—Pratt
has re-emerged with new ambition and new parameters for what her music
can be. Working once again at Gary’s Electric Studio in Brooklyn, NY,
with her trusted collaborators—multi-instrumentalist/engineer Al Carlson
and keyboardist Matt McDermott—Pratt enlisted the rhythm duo of bassist
Spencer Zahn and percussionist Mauro Refosco (David Byrne, Atoms for
Peace) to help realize her vision. Pratt quickly envisioned a more
expansive set of influences—“big panoramic sounds that make you think of
the ocean and California”—and the results are evident in the dynamic
repertoire of instruments accompanying her graceful, dreamlike melodies.
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