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Di 7 Mai 20:00 Einlass 19:00
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The electronic duo AIGEL, combining atmospheric electronica from Ilya Baramiya with vivid lyrics and hypnotic vocals from Aigel Gaysina, has long been primarily associated with the track „Tatarin,“ which gained viral success in 2017 and immediately garnered the group a wide audience. The band followed up with strong works like „1190,“ „Music,“ and „Edem,“ where they expanded upon the themes in their lyrics and successfully continued their creative exploration.

At the end of the pandemic year of 2020, the band released the album „Pyala“ featuring songs in Aigel’s native Tatar language. It was warmly received by both audiences and critics, and the band performed the title track on the country’s main late-night show, „Vecherniy Urgant.“ However, the release fell short of replicating the success of „Tatarin.“ After the events of 2022, including public condemnation of the collective’s members and a de facto ban on performing in Russia, the duo relocated to Europe.

The band has often recorded OSTs for various series and podcasts, but the success of the song „Pyala,“ serving as a common thread throughout the entire first season of the highly successful series „Slovo pazana,“ was a complete surprise to both the band and listeners. It’s now evident that „Pyala,“ a beautifully rhythmic track with evocative lyrics, became the band’s biggest hit three years after its release. And despite the bans, it propelled them into the top league of the most popular streaming artists in the post-Soviet countries. Just before this surge, the band gave an interview to Yuriy Dud‘, which also sparked a new wave of interest in their art, reaching audiences across Europe.

Now in their new status, the band announces a major tour where they’ll perform their best songs and possibly debut long-awaited new material. Despite having only two musicians on stage and in the studio, AIGEL surpasses many „live“ bands in the energy and emotionality of their concert performances.