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Blackout Problems

Dark Tour 2020
Do 15 Apr 2021 Archiv

Verschoben / Rescheduled: Verlegt auf den 21.12.2021. Bereits gekaufte Tickets behalten Gültigkeit.

DARK TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT – with the current situation we have to make some adjustments concerning our DARK TOUR.

Originally we would have played a long and cohesive European tour that would have been already announced, the tickets would have been available, visa’s taken care of and right now we would be setting up in our rehearsal room trying to put together a good set of songs to play and just being excited to bring DARK to as many cities as we can.

Since it is not in our hands when traveling through a set of countries to play shows is safe again we have to figure out what it is that we can take control of.  

We think that four shows in Germany in December of this year could eventually be possible so that’s our plan. Nevertheless we will be persistent and will do our best to make the European shows possible as soon as we can and be able to connect with everyone that we met on our tours with Royal Republic, Poets of the Fall and our TR!P tour.

Please understand that we cannot announce those shows right now but be sure that will be back to France, the Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, etc. the minute it is safe.

Take care everyone, we miss u and we’ll see you soon! L.O.V.E. mmmm