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Cultura Profética

Por Más Tour - Europa 2024
Do 15 Feb 2024 Archiv

Verlegt / Relocated: Verlegt ins Astra, bereits gekaufte Karten behalten ihre Gültigkeit.

Deputamadre Club presents
Cultura Profetica | Columbia Theater – Berlin | 15.02.2024

Por Más Tour – Europa 2024
Dublin + Valencia + Barcelona + Madrid + Paris + Berlin

Cultura Profética, the iconic Latin American Reggae Roots band, returns to Europe in 2024 with a new repertoire of songs and, of course, their greatest hits – Por Más Tour 2024 – Por Más as the search for more love, more sensitivity, more collaboration, more empathy for everyone.

Emerging from the vibrant landscapes of Puerto Rico, Cultura Profética, Latin Grammy winners and Grammy nominees, have cemented their legacy as one of the foremost reggae bands in the Spanish-speaking world since their inception in 1996. But to categorize them simply as a reggae band would be an understatement. Over the years, the band has gracefully weaved genres like bossa nova, tango, jazz, and salsa into their music, creating a unique fusion that resonates with fans across continents. The band’s lyrics are just as eclectic as their sound, addressing pressing socio-political and ecological topics, celebrating Latin American identity, and exploring the nuances of relationships and love.

The band’s captivating performances have set records at renowned festivals, such as Rock al Parque and Stereo Picnic in Colombia or Vive Latino MX. Their electrifying stage presence has also led to back-to-back sold-out nights at iconic venues like Luna Park in Arg and the Movistar Arena in Chile.

Their album La Dulzura achieved Gold certification with its standout single «La Complicidad» gracing the Billboard Hot 100 for over 50 weeks. Their earlier work, Canción de Alerta, is also a Gold-certified testament to their musical prowess. In 2019, Cultura Profética became the first independent Latin band to record a Spotify Singles, further showcasing their trailblazing spirit. In 2015 they secured both the Gold and Silver Gaviota awards at the iconic Viña del Mar festival in Chile.