Do 2. Mai 20:00 Einlass 19:00

Disco Misr

Europe Tour 2024
Do 2 Mai 20:00 Einlass 19:00
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For the 3rd year in a row, Mir’a presents the Egyptian music producers Disco Misr in Europe after the highly successful European tour of 2022 -2023
After last year’s sold out Europe tour, we are presenting for the 3rd time Disco Misr in Berlin on May 2nd, 2024.
Over the years, Disco Misr have developed their own musical projects ranging from reinterpreting the songs of 20th century icons; Om Kalthoum, Dalida and Fairouz to 90’s superstars such as Hakim and Hicham Abbass as well as modern day artists such as Wegz and Aziz Maraka. This musical identity that has become timeless makes Disco Misr’s audiovisual experience unique by reviving oriental music with a touch of disco and funk.