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Kim WooJin

So 21 Jan 2024 Archiv

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With eye-catching performances at the ready, the K-Pop solo artist KIM WOOJIN is coming to Berlin to meet his fans through THE MOMENT TOUR EUROPE on January 21, 2024, at Columbia Theater.

KIM WOOJIN is a K-Pop male solo artist under Kustomade Entertainment. KIM WOOJIN made his solo debut in August 2021 with the album ‘The moment : 未成年, a minor.‘ and imprinted his name to K-pop listeners by entering the iTunes Chart in 13 countries worldwide, including Taiwan and the United States. He proved his potential for success as a solo artist, and even participated in the writing of the entire album. KIM WOOJIN recently won the Top Artist award at Asia Top Awards 2023. As he took his first step as a solo artist, he remained active in acting, participating in K-Drama OSTs for K-Dramas like ‘King The Land’ and ‘Reborn Rich’, and went on global tours and musicals.

KIM WOOJIN starred in ‘Beyond The Wardrobe’, an HBO Max original, playing the character ‘Kyungmin’ making him the first Korean to lead an HBO Max series. Through this show, he succeeded in drawing enthusiastic attention not only from Brazil but also from several South American countries. Additionally, he surprised fans by challenging the musical „Sherlock Holmes: Secret Of The Anderson Family“ based on his experience in acting and global tour.

In his second mini-album ‚The moment : 美成年, Bounce.’ released on August 30, 2023, KIM WOOJIN participated in songwriting and proved his limitless growth by sincerely capturing his story. As an extension of the last album, it contains a desire to present more challenging and bright songs as a gift to CUBS(official fandom name) and to be recognized by the public with his songs.

It has been over a year since his last world tour KIM WOOJIN 1ST WORLD TOUR 2022 ‘STILL DREAM, the upcoming THE MOMENT TOUR EUROPE is sure to be a meaningful time not only for CUBS(official fandom name) but for him as well.

Proving his capabilities as a solo artist, KIM WOOJIN is ready to take center stage on his second Europe tour. He has showcased his presence through special performances combined with an attractive voice. With fascinating tracks and choreography that allows him to show who he is, KIM WOOJIN invites fans to his unique shows through a series of live performances.

Tickets for THE MOMENT TOUR EUROPE IN BERLIN will go on sale on December 18, at 10 AM local time.