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No Te Va A Gustar

Europa Tour 2022
Mo 8 Aug 2022 Archiv

Europa Tour 2022
Spain | Germany

NO TE VA GUSTAR, also known by its initials NTVG, originated in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1994 and has become one of the most successful Spanish speaking rock bands in the world. The band is formed by Emiliano Brancciari (voice and guitar), Martín Gil (trumpet), Denis Ramos (trombone), Mauricio Ortiz (saxophone), Diego Bartaburu (drums), Pablo Coniberti (guitar), Guzman Silveira (bass) and Francisco Nasser (keyboards). With 28 years of trajectory, they have edited over 16 albums, with all of them achieving golden or platinum status and have been nominated for the Latin Grammy’s nine times. NTVG currently holds over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify and gathers mora tan 250 million views on YouTube. Their live performances are powerful and refined. Always with a rock sound, NTVG merges different musical genres such as reggae, folk, murga and ska.