Di 23. Mai 20:00 Einlass 19:00

Oddissee & Good Compny live

Di 23 Mai 20:00 Einlass 19:00

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DMV rapper and record producer Oddisee realized early on that purpose and success are self-designated. Born Amir Elkhalifa in Washington, DC, to a Sudanese father and African American mother, and raised in Prince George’s County, MD, he bore witness to stark inequity early in life and became as political as the city he was raised in.
Elkhalifa tackles the human condition with unwavering conviction and candor, merging elements of jazz, funk, and go-go into his hip-hop rooted production. Instead of pursuing record deals and executives, Elkhalifa has taken the less-traveled path. Streamlining elements of the industry early on, from single-handedly recording, producing, and mixing his music to steering his marketing strategy and tour runs.
A string of contemporary releases – Rock Creek Park (2011), The Beauty in All (2013), The Good Fight (2015), Alwasta (2016), and The Iceberg (2017) – headlining performances and tours with his 5-piece band, Good Compny, and streams in the hundred of millions have propelled him to international recognition and acclaim.
Tour Statement:
„Its been over two years since Good Compny band & I have been on a tour. Come to think of it, I haven’t left the North East Coast of America or boarded a plane in over two years either. That’s a major difference from being on the road for up to six months at a time for over a decade.
Spending so much time in one place has had its up’s and downs. My family has grown as well as our connection. At times I felt more distant from myself. It left room to search for an inspiration from within to create. Not having the option to travel, I’ve relearned how to create from my heart & imagination. Using this time off the road, I’ve started a label, produced written & recorded new material. I’m truly excited to finally be releasing these new works & performing them live. It feels good to be back at it again!“