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Pain Of Salvation

Fr 31 Aug 2018 Archiv

Pain of Salvation is known far and wide as one of the most vital bands in the

resurgence of progressive music. Boasting incredible musicianship, a wide variety

of influences, and a darkly poetic approach; Pain of Salvation has a reputation for

being unpredictable, outside the box, and willing to experiment with styles. The

band’s latest release (from early 2017) is called ‚In the Passing Light of Day‘ and it

markes a return to the band’s more heavy approach from the early years. The

album is also a very personal album because it handles about the time (3 years

ago) when the founding member Daniel Gildenlöw was hospitalised for many

months because of a flesh eating bacteria. It was a life threatening a


air but luckily

he came out alive. Last year the band was also happy to see Johan Hallgren return

to take on the guitar duties again. Resulting in amazing live shows as well.

Because of the great response on the album and the live shows, and the album

being rated very high in many 2017 year lists, the band is now fully back as one of

the leading bands in the genre!

2018 will be a year with many new live shows on the back of the album succes.

But in the meantime the band will also start working on new songs.


Daniel Gildenlöw – lead vocals, guitars

Johan Hallgren – guitars, backing vocals

Gustaf Hielm – bass, backing vocals

Daniel D2 Karlsson – keyboards, backing vocals

Léo Margarit – drums, backing vocals

Album info:

The latest album

„In the Passing Light of Day“ was produced by Daniel Bergstrand

(Meshuggah, In Flames, etc.) and co-produced by Daniel Gildenlöw & Ragnar

Zolberg. Recordings took place across 2015 and 2016 at Dugout Studio, Tuft

studio by Jørn Arild Grefsrud, Daniel’s and Ragnar’s homes, Balsta Musikslott and

Studio Brun. Mixing was handled at Dugout Studio by Daniel Bergstrand and

mastering at Dugout Studio by George Nerantzis.

The album’s first two singles can be checked out here: