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Stick To Your Guns

Get The Shot, End It, Koyo Diamond Anniversary EU Tour
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Orange County’s hardcore powerhouse Stick to Your Guns will release their sixth album, ‘True View’ on END HITS RECORDS (EU) on  October 13th 2017.

Following up their groundbreaking 2016 EP ‘Better Ash Than Dust’ it will be released on limited CD+DVD / Vinyl+DVD.

Since their beginning over fourteen years ago STICK TO YOUR GUNS have become one of the hardest working bands of the worldwide hardcore scene.

Mixing powerful, modern hardcore with catchy as hell choruses has landed them support slots for the likes of TERROR, ARCHITECTS and PARKWAY DRIVE.

With the last EP  ‘Better Ash Than Dust’ being the most politically outspoken STYG album so far the band has decided to look inside this time instead of pointing fingers at others or „the system“:

„Something I see in a lot of people, including almost every one of my peers, is the inability to be honest with oneself,“ says vocalist Jesse Barnett, about the lyrics.

„Everyone thinks they’re right. Everyone can’t seem to get a grip on the reality of being self-aware. I was this way and I’m sure I still can be.
I was an incredibly selfish person who did whatever I felt like doing. I had to face my fire. I had to finally, for fucking once, live with the hurt I created.“

The result is one of the most honest albums you are gonna hear this year!

It bridges the gap between the bands hardcore roots and the more accessible political punk rock of their peers RISE AGAINST.

Guitarit Josh James comments:

„I really wanted to intentionally create an album that sonically reflects the feeling of modern life: depression, anger, fear, hope, happiness, forgiveness and clarity. A feeling of breaking through the dark shit in life and the journey of the struggle that ends up elevating you to a new, smarter, stronger, better version of yourself.

The lyrics and feeling Jesse put into each song constantly blew me away, his words were the perfect fit to the songs. I’ve created a lot of music in my life, but right now I can’t help but feel that ‘True View‘ is the album I’ve always wanted to be part of.”