Do 8. Februar 2024 Archiv

Symphonic Metal Nights – SERENITY

Do 8 Feb 2024 Archiv

Austrian symphonic metal force SERENITY have released their new single, “Ritter, Tod und Teufel (Knightfall)”, featuring the band’s first interweaving of German lyrics into their music! The standalone single follows their previous studio album, The Last Knight (2020), which landed at #25 on the German album charts, and the band’s stunning 2022 live release, MEMORIASERENITY’s most iconic hits, such as “Wings of Madness” and “The Chevalier”, have gathered over three million views on YouTube.

After welcoming Marco Pastorino as additional guitarist and backing vocalist, the band is currently in the studio working on their newest opus. The powerful new track, “Ritter, Tod und Teufel (Knightfall)”, is a first glimpse of what can be expected and showcases the band’s signature blend of orchestral arrangements, heavy guitar riffs and soaring vocals, which are underlined by a captivating official music video.

SERENITY on “Ritter, Tod und Teufel (Knightfall)”:

“We are overjoyed to finally return with our new single – a thunderous display of our existence. It’s just the beginning, offering a glimpse of what we are currently working on. We’ve poured our creative energy into crafting an immersive musical journey that transports you to another time and dimension leading to a renowned painter from the Late Middle Ages. We can’t wait to share this new era of Serenity with you. Get ready for a captivating experience filled with emotions, epic melodies, and bombastic sounds!”