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Unleash The Archers

Striker + Northtale Soul-Bounding Across Europe 2021
Mi 24 Nov 2021 Archiv

Abgesagt / Canceled: We are heartbroken to have to announce more bad news due to the pandemic. Considering the recommendations of our management, our agent, and our label, we have had to make the decision to cancel our 'Soulbounding Across Europe' tour this fall. In light of recent Covid policy changes throughout mainland Europe we came to the conclusion that it is the safest decision to cancel the tour rather than run the risk of being stranded or having to cancel the tour part way through. This was honestly the hardest decision we have ever had to make as a band, and we struggled with it for days before finally coming to the realization that it wasn't going to be possible. We wanted so badly to come and play 'Abyss' live for all of our European fans finally; it was going to be an amazing way to finish off what has turned into an awesome year, but now it will have to wait until things are more steady and sure. I think Brittney was able to sum it up as best she could in this quote: Brittney Slayes comments "I feel like we have been going through the mourning stages over this... And I don't mean that lightly. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and now finally, Acceptance. We wanted to do this tour so badly. We try to do whatever we can to make our fans happy, but we hope they will understand why we had to cancel. We are so sorry, to all the promoters, the openers: Striker and NorthTale, and of course, to our fans. We hope we can find a way to make this up to you very soon." There are no plans to reschedule at this time as we had hoped to take 2022 off to write new material, but will have to re-evaluate that plan in light of this situation and see what we can do. Again we are so sorry and we hope one day to return to your beautiful continent with covid safely behind us and play live for you all once more!"